When you’re visiting a farmer’s market or grocery store, you want to see fresh vegetables and fruits, right? The same thought is true of your businesses’ website. Outdated, stale, or even inaccurate content can turn potential clients or customers away. Here are 4 reasons to keep your website content cultivated and growing.

Fresh content means more frequent indexing. Indexing is the amount of times a search engine stops to visit your website in a search. The more a search engine visits your site, the more potential eyes your site can reach. Indexing occurs when your website registers a “change” with web crawler programs that scan the Internet. Therefore, regularly changing up your content will alert the web crawlers that there is something new on your website that might be of value to someone searching for your information. Google loves updates!

Fresh content helps you to constantly revisit your website’s keywords. If your industry is experiencing rapid change (think technology, fashion, or news/information,) there’s an education curve that’s necessary to keep your customers informed. Stay on top of change by updating your keywords. Bring in new definitions, products, and vocabulary by consistently editing your content. This is especially important if you have a blog on your website (and you definitely should!) When you update your blog with a new post containing keywords, you will get new views and hopefully, more comments, which also act as website updates.

Fresh content establishes you or your company as a thought leader. Staying on top of current events in any industry is critical to growth and success. When you update your website with news, it will increase indexing and views of your website, which increases traffic. Fresh content establishes your website’s authoritative voice, and establishes your place in your industry and to customers as an information leader. This sharing of knowledge builds loyalty, and is especially valuable when establishing word of mouth about your business. How valuable would it be for other industry leaders or potential partners and customers to say, “I read this news on your website, and I want to talk to you about it?”

Be sure to provide quick and simple ways for readers to share your blog posts on their social media, too. We talk about sharing via tweet-able links on your blog post in an earlier post, here.  Sharing links gives site visitors an opportunity to re-publish your posts because YOU are an expert!

Fresh content provides a more polished customer service experience. If you’re keeping your website visitors informed, they will appreciate your diligence. This is especially important if you operate an e-commerce website. Nothing turns a customer away faster than products that are outdated, or worse, out of stock. Your product updates will increase site indexing, showcase your knowledge about your industry, and provide a more informed customer experience for anyone visiting your website.

If updating content is a challenge, Zoom Design can provide help. We can work with you to make your website content more current and easy to navigate. Contact us via our website or visit us on Facebook.