Ah, 2016. It’s a year that’s seen extremes in all corners: from tumult to tranquility, these last 12 months have run the gamut. It’s been the same for many businesses, especially the business of marketing. What are some trends that marketers can look forward to seeing in design and visual presentation in 2017? Here are our top four topics.


Audiences will experience virtual reality-like images.

As VR and 360-degree technology becomes more sophisticated, audiences will expect this medium to become more common. People will be looking to be part of the experience as a participant, not just an observer. Realistic images and active storytelling will become part of the marketing experience for more businesses.


There will be more images with an unconventional play with color…

The sepia tones of early Instagram filters will give way to a more vivid color palette in 2017. Power plays with color help marketers make a splash and grab attention for their campaign. It doesn’t matter if the color combinations are harmonious or startling; it’s the impact and the reaction of the audience that’s critical.


…Or conversely, a complete lack of filter.

The opposite train of thought on visuals for 2017 marketing leans toward a more realistic color aesthetic. Among younger consumers, especially Millenials, there’s a trend toward less polished images, preferring realism to the fantasy.


Which aspect of this “Color vs. No-Color” trends should your marketing images embrace? It depends on the product or service you’re trying to promote. If you’re launching new products and looking to make a splash, vibrant color may work; if you’re trying to evoke emotion or capture a moment, a less polished visual approach may be more appealing. You’ll need to consider your target market, too. Would your customers be put off by bright visuals? Or would they bypass realistic images for pops of color?


Increasing diversity, dashing stereotypes, and changing gender roles.

Addressing race, gender, or nationality through traditional roles is a thing of the past. In 2017, audiences for marketing campaigns will expect a more dynamic demographic. Why? Thanks to social media and the immediacy of the Internet, it’s easier to interact with people from all across the world.


Location no longer defines consumers. Multiple ethnicities and genders will continue to become part of the “norm” of marketing materials. More men may be cast as infant caretakers; more women may be portrayed as goal-setting high achievers. As social media pushes its users to share information, stereotypes will continue to be dashed, and the savvy marketing campaign manager will expand the visual of their audience to be more inclusive.


As social media affects the way we market products and services, marketing images will change as well. The reality of popular services such as Facebook Live will force marketers to find the most immediate, visually arresting ways possible to connect with their audience and prospective customers. Let Zoom Designs help you find your way in 2017. Visit our website to find out more!