Videos are a valuable asset on social media; they’re the most-shared and watched posts across all platforms. But did you know that adding video to your company website can give your brand a big boost? According to this article, videos on a landing page can increase conversions by over 80%. Here are 5 benefits of video messaging and the types of videos you can incorporate onto your site.

Videos deliver your brand’s message in a fast and entertaining manner.

While great content will always rule, a video can get your message out much faster. Custom videos can be edited so that they are entertaining and educational. A good rule of thumb when creating videos is to keep it under 3 minutes; that makes it more shareable via your social media. Videos that promote your business, your services, and any new products are ideal for delivering the latest news about your company.

Videos engage website visitors.

When someone visits your website, simple curiosity will drive them to click on a video; once it starts playing, it can keep them involved and thinking about your company long after it’s over. Video shows what your business can do, versus simply telling them. Custom video helps you accomplish the goal of engaging visitors on your website. Demo videos provide valuable information for new visitors, and will keep them engaged on your site; for return visitors, they establish your brand as a trusted resource.

Videos can tell your story and showcase your personality.

Every company has a story about how it began. Telling your story and providing background details about your business via custom video can give potential customers great insight on your business and propel them to buy from (or work with) you. People like to buy from “people” they know, or at least feel like they know. Introduce your website visitors to your business, your employees, and your products via fun and engaging video interviews, behinds the scenes “tours” of your physical facilities, or live event coverage.

Videos can increase reach with YouTube channels.

It’s easy to post and share YouTube videos, so it’s a good idea to cross-post videos from your YouTube channel on your website. Google owns YouTube, so they are more likely to include YouTube videos in searches. Search engines are constantly on the lookout for new content, whether it’s a press release, blog post, or video. When you create a custom video, multiply the search engine viability by using keywords in the tags and descriptions. 

Videos keep visitors on your website.

You have to click on a video to start watching in, so that makes it engaging from the start. Custom videos that provide details–like a how-to video–keep customers on your website. The longer a visitor stays on your website, chances are good that they’ll start browsing around and checking out your “About us” page, or your online store.

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