Your business is here to make money.  We understand this. Every day, you’re making decisions on how to grow revenue or control costs. With your marketing programs impacting both sides of that equation, making them more efficient and more effective will improve your revenue and your costs.

Getting better conversions comes from being more efficient, and more often, being driven by technology improvements.   One of today’s biggest challenges is the decision of whether or not to invest in newer, better, technology, including marketing. Technology for marketing has gotten so big and so impactful that it has a name: MarTech. The days of managing marketing programs in Excel or through your billing software are gone. Salesforce, the cloud computing giant that provides several pieces of marketing technology, is again part of Fortune’s 500 largest companies (#386 for 2016, up a massive 97 spots from 2015). In an effort to be brief, let’s agree that marketing technology is massive and growing.

The benefit to you of this technology: better conversion of your leads. Better as defined by “more” and “less expensive.”

Focus your efforts on your best prospects. Some of these prospects you know, while others will come to your website without telling you. With technology in place, you can be alerted when they visit your site and help you find out who they are.

Equally valuable is using technology to rate these prospects based on various behaviors, with markers that include completing a request for a whitepaper or a checklist that you’re offering, or opening their email inviting them to a demo or audit.

There’s even more value when you use the technology to ensure that your sales team is working their leads, prioritizing their leads based on action taken by the prospects, and alerting the sales person directly.

You can even use technology to welcome and onboard new customers. If they don’t open your email, or don’t complete a feedback form, technology can provide a different follow-up action and a different workflow, instead of simply thanking them for their compliance with your outreach.

Technology you should be evaluating (if you haven’t recently) includes CRM (customer relationship management) to store the list of prospects; Marketing Automation, to do email or alerts based on prospect behavior and track people coming to your website; an email service provider ,(ESP) which is part of some marketing automation tools; and CMS, (content management system) to quickly build landing pages for your website to support your advertising.

Zoom is available to answer your questions about what technology can do to make your company more efficient and more effective. We want to help you improve your revenue and your costs so that you can plan for that next big step in your business. Visit our website or reach out to us on Facebook. We look forward to talking with you!