When customers are seeking your goods and services, how do they find you? If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you probably rely on location, location, location, and advertising buys. If you are self-employed with a home office, you probably rely on social media and referrals. Why not own an address that can help you increase your customer base? Here’s why a website is the address that EVERY business needs.


A website presents your company’s image and creates credibility.

First impressions are absolutely critical. According to AdWeek, 81% of consumers conduct research before buying a product or service, and will visit at least 3 websites before making a decision. A website allows you to present your company’s products or services and help buyers learn about your products, making them informed and empowered; and if you do your job right, these customers will become enthusiastic advocates for your products or services. Websites can provide information about products, your shipping and return policy, offer specials and shopping incentives, and provide customer support. With tools such as videos, blogs, and reviews, websites can provide a positive shopping or information-gathering experience.


A website allows all of your customers complete accessibility and convenience. 

People shop at all hours, so make sure they can surf the web and find your products 24/7/365. A website allows potential customers to visit your store before they even pull up in the parking lot, and helps to build anticipation and expectation of the services and products that your business provides. Current customers can re-visit the website to see what’s new and receive customer support, and past customers can leave reviews that web visitors can use in their product research.


A website can help you sell and market your business.

Website sales allow you to make money even when your storefront is closed. If your brand has a website, you’re visible around the world, not just around your city. This increases your customer base significantly. You’ll need to adjust your marketing strategy to adapt to a larger customer base, but luckily, websites offer the ability to be flexible with your marketing. It’s more cost-efficient to make changes to a website than renovating and re-designing a brick-and-mortar store.

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