As content marketers, we are always looking for ways to share good content. One of the best sharing techniques for blogs and websites that produce new posts and content is to include “Tweet-able” links in the copy. If your content is Tweet-worthy, here’s what a Tweet-able link looks like, why you should use one of these techniques, and how you can post these links on your blog post.

What is a Tweet-able Link?

A Tweet-table link is a quote or sentence that summarizes your blog post theme, presents a great idea, or says something memorable about you, your business, or your work. The link will be set apart from the rest of the copy with a phrase or button that says “TWEET THIS” or “CLICK TO TWEET” or something similar. When clicked on, the link goes to a new window where copy can be entered as part of a content status update.

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Why should a blog post include Tweet-able links?

* It allows good content to be shared easily (blog readers have a short attention span.)

* It’s part of a good content marketing strategy. Tweet-able links should be shareable across other social media platforms, and can be used again and again as part of promotion and marketing plans.

* They create a Call to Action for the reader.

* 1 or 2 links per post are ideal, as they keep the reader engaged in the material.

* It drives more eyes to your website or blog site.


How do you create Tweet-able links?  

Depending on your level of comfort with coding on your site, you can create the string of code yourself

  1. Select the quote to be tweeted. We’ll use the phrase “Tweet-able links allow for great content visibility” as an example.
  2. Go to a link shortening site and get a shortened version of your post link. Let’s use as an example.
  3. Put it all together using this html code:

<a href=” links allow for great content visibility” target=”_blank”>Tweet this!

  1. Using “target=-blank>Tweet this! Generates the point to click the link, so it should look like this:

Tweet-able links allow for great content visibility!

                                                                        Tweet this!

Luckily, you can find simple-to-install plug-ins on WordPress. You can install their free “Click to Tweet” plug in, which appears on the toolbar via the Twitter bird logo and provides an easy method for copying and clicking your Tweet-able link. There is another, separate site also named ClicktoTweet that promotes, shares, and tracks your content and links on Twitter; it’s free with limited use, or you can pay for premium services. The TweetDis site allows bloggers and website owners to pump up their link game by providing upscale graphics and quote boxes featuring photos of the author, but it also carries a premium for the its services.


Want to learn more about Tweet-able links? Let Zoom Design help you. Our experts can recommend and install the service that works best for your site and helps your content become more marketable—and reach a wider audience. Ask us how!