I’m thinking we are a lot alike in that we keep having more and more to do.  Meetings. Calls. Emails. Texts.  Family time.  Personal time. Community service.  Hobbies. Exercise.  And maybe some time to sleep.

So finding time to grow, time to think, time to ‘sharpen your ax’ is at a premium.  You may have heard business coaches recommend reading for 20-30 min/day or attending workshops. Ha!  When is there time for that?

The good news is that we’ve condensed a great strategic thinker’s ideas to help you get ahead in an effort to save you time.  Michael Webb of Sales Performance Consultants was speaking at a recent Executive Sales and Marketing Association meeting about his book “”Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way.”   He gained instant credibility when he quoted one of my favorite business leaders W. Edwards Deming who said, “your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you’ve getting.”

At face value, you think “Duh, how will this help me save time and thrive?”  The magic in his statement is that when you control the system, you control how the top, middle and bottom of your sales and marketing funnels perform.

Making Marketing Pay Idea #3

Let a marketing automation platform (MAP), along with a CRM, be your backbone.  With your website being your public image and brand, a MAP is your processes and reporting.  Combing a MAP you’re your company culture and sales skills creates an environment for success.

The statistics confirm that MAPs are delivering real value.  Real ROI.  And giving business leader time — time for business planning, business development and personal time to enjoy life.

Instead of belaboring the point, we’re offering you an initial consultation to review your revenue generation, lead generation, and demand generation processes, and what you’d like to see improved.  From there, our agency can discuss tactics to support your needs, which can include marketing automation as well as websites, infographics, video, digital marketing and offline marketing.

Let’s find time to talk or meet — the first conversation is on us.

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