When you decide to redesign your company’s website or marketing materials, it’s important to find the right professionals for the job. After all, this is whom you’re trusting with your businesses’ image on the web or your point-of-sale impact. We’ve talked about many variables on hiring a marketing agency, but one facet that’s often overlooked is to find a marketing team that has great balance of experience and young talent. Here’s why diversity on your marketing team is important.


First, take a look at the positives each group brings to the marketing table.


Young talent brings:

-Fresh creativity

-New problem-solving techniques

-Unique collaboration and team skills


Experience brings:

-Past use of tested marketing methods and materials


-Time spent solving problems in the field


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees spend an average of 4.6 years with a single employer. Older workers spend an average of 10 years with an employer; those under 30 spend an average of 3 years at one job. While you don’t need to know how long each member of the marketing team has been with the agency, you can get an idea of the balance the marketing company brings to the table if you know a bit about how long the company and its employees have been in business. The personality and the mission of the marketing agency are good indicators of a great fit for your business or website.

exp vs youth section

So what is the magic “Sweet Spot” of a marketing team? It’s a team that contains a balance of experienced and new talent. The experienced team members bring a multitude of time-tested marketing methods to the table; the new talent provides innovative thinking that goes outside the box and takes your marketing or website to another level. Usually, it’s the project leaders or marketing directors that bring the experience, and the young talent brings the energy.


A blend of know-how and a willingness to take a creative risk is the mark of a great marketing team. At Zoom Design, we work hard to bring that balance and sweet spot to every project. Learn more about our marketing directors and innovative creative team at our website, or reach out to us with a comment here!